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KAMESKentucky Automated Management Eligibility System
KAMESKorean Association of the Middle East Studies (South Korea)
KAMESKorean Association of Mechanical Engineering Societies (South Korea)
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It has been acquired for the Kames Property Income Fund, with a view towards improving income through active asset management - supported by capitalising on the opportunities created by the nearby Central Square regeneration scheme.
Kames Capital was advised by V7 Asset Management and Savills.
Ric Tsang, assistant fund manager at Kames Capital said: "We have invested more than PS300,000 in the first and second floors of The Quadrant, including the installation of air conditioning and LED lighting as well as a full internal redecoration.
106) In considering the question of what sort of interest suffices to permit one to pursue or defend, Kames said the following:
Por otro lado, el lector iniciado agradecera encontrar traducciones ineditas en nuestra lengua (textos de William Robertson, John Millar, Lord Kames o James Dunbar).
The others include Shaftesbury, Reid, Kames, Gerard, and authors of essays collected in a book entitled Early Eighteenth-Century Essays.
Kames Levy of Appraisers and Planners, and Robert Safron, Esq.
Through readings of Charlotte Lennox, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Lord Kames, David Hume, Jane Austen and other 18th-century authors, Marshall (English and comparative literature, U.
In this paper genetical differences of eskers and kame fields or single kames of ridge-like form and their relations with glacier dynamics are discussed.
As Lord Kames asserted in his Elements of Criticism, studying the principles of art opened "a direct avenue to the heart of man.
124-8) to Lord Kames in which he explicates Newton's laws of motion with such uncommon clarity and analytical rigor.
to investigate complaints that Richardson had not only trespassed again, but had fired shots near the Kames property.