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KAPARKorean Association for Particle and Aerosol Research (est. 1994; Korea)
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The victims belonged to Mal Kapar area of Khuzdar district.
1-28 to Kapar in Selangor and Pasir Gudang in Johor.
In Kapar, a hamlet in the buffer zone north of DSNP, many wild animals, including proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus) and long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis), which prior to 2004 had not been a problem, are now considered pests that attack rice, corn, and fruit crops near the hamlet.
But this alleged result state arises not because the predicate befestette a keritest 'has painted the fence' contains a verbal particle, but because the transitive verb fest 'paint' expresses an inherently directed event/motion (contrary to transitives nez 'look, watch', dob 'throw', erint 'touch', lat 'see', hall 'hear', csoval 'frisk', kapar 'scrape', enekel 'sing' etc.
7% (2419 MW) is jointly owned by TNB and another private enterprise, Malakoff (via Kapar Energy Ventures, KEV).
Naif Kapar, 50, signed a documents in Sumru Talay's name confessing to adultery and an acknowledgement of receipt of divorce papers after she left the family home.
69) The second case, specified by its filing date of January 16, 2002, was added to the measure by the conference committee and was identified by the Office of Foreign Assets Control as the case of Kapar v.
The Company received a contract from independent power producer Kapar Energy Ventures in Malaysia for the upgrade of its 500MW Coal Fired Simulator at the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Power Plant.
The new wave of snowfall in Shangla Top, Yakhtangay, Ajmeer, Kandaw, Speen Ghar, Kapar Banda and rain in Bisham, Puran, Chakesar, Alpuri, Karora, Dandai, Kamach, Martung and other areas started on Tuesday afternoon and continued for second consecutive day.
Heavy metals concentration in fishes from the coastal waters of kapar and mersing, Malaysia.
MARC has affirmed its +IS rating on Kapar Energy Ventures Sdn Bhd's (KEV) MYR 2 billion Sukuk Ijarah with a stable outlook.
Three Uzbek citizens illegally intruded into the territory of Kyrgyzstan, beat local shepherd Kapar Moldobekov and stole over 100 sheep in Jalal-Abad region on January 14, head of village administration Mukhtar Sherbaev told AKIpress regional correspondent Orozaly Karasartov.