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KAPIKansas Association of Private Investigators
KAPIKabalikat Sa Pamamahayag International (Christian community)
KAPIKids Act Philippines Inc.
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Kapi is optimistic that the findings will serve as a basis for discussion to enhance regulation.
Kapi found it strange when the man does not return for a very long time.
Organisers of the protest had invited people to come to Lielie Kapi Cemetery to remember the prominent people buried there and to "protest the Riga City Council's project to construct the tram line through Lielie Kapi to the Skanste neighbourhood, which is against public interest.
Kapi pa pita kantando uye shimpe a liri vanyakulyendi, vawina navo a va dohoroka muruku rwa mwaka umwe mumwedi wa Nkurupemba mwaka wa 2004.
She said Kapi ti Mutit was introduced in Finland by a Filipino based there in November last year.
Kefi has been awarded a "Mining License" valid for a renewable period of 20 years, along with all major permits for the development and operation of the Tulu Kapi mine.
Nyota's flagship project is Tulu Kapi, 500 km (310 miles) west of capital Addis Ababa, not far from what is purported to be the site of the fabled King Solomon's mines.
Felsefe, feminizm ve otesi" basligiyla hazirladigimiz bu sayida yer alan makaleler, kadin sorunlarinin tarihsel, dusunsel, toplumsal kokenlerine uzanmakta ve ayni zamanda yasadigimiz cagin kosullari cercevesinde daha ozgur, esit ve mutlu bir gelecege dogru kapi aralamaya calismaktadir.
The company is offering the licence with regard to its flagship, Tulu Kapi gold project, in Western Ethiopia.
Finally, the cheese it put through a process of kapi, which means that it is smoked on the wood of a sidr tree, so as to give it a good smell.
Shares in the firm have been rising steadily throughout the year as the firm started to exploit the promising Tulu Kapi gold field in East Africa.