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KAPIKansas Association of Private Investigators
KAPIKabalikat Sa Pamamahayag International (Christian community)
KAPIKids Act Philippines Inc.
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profitable production from Tulu Kapi and Jibal Qutman, combined with
Calismamizda VDE izolatinin kaynaginin belirlenmesi amaciyla hastanin kendisi ile ayni klinikte bulunan hasta, personel ve refakatcilerinden ve ayrica hastalarin odalarinda bulunan tibbi cihazlar, cesme suyu, banyo kuveti, kapi kolu, cesitli yuzeyler ve kullandigi malzemelerden suruntu kulturu ornekleri alinmistir.
Vakadona liporeni ko vamati, nsene kapi o kuvhura ruganesa yilipopereso youkukandana po ezimo ku kandana po ezimo lyelike nye kapi azi kan-dana po uvera, Kuruganesa singumi o lipopereseko ko mauvera.
Nyota's flagship project is Tulu Kapi, 500 km (310 miles) west of capital Addis Ababa, not far from what is purported to be the site of the fabled King Solomon's mines.
Finally, the cheese it put through a process of kapi, which means that it is smoked on the wood of a sidr tree, so as to give it a good smell.
Shares in the firm have been rising steadily throughout the year as the firm started to exploit the promising Tulu Kapi gold field in East Africa.
Planning the next day's trip is part of the fun Taking the helm is a great thrill The flotilla at rest, at Kapi Creek
At the end of next day's sailing, we squeezed into the pretty Kapi Creek restaurant, with candlelit tables laid under the stars, as chefs produced a traditional meal for the crews of around 20 yachts on a simple wood fire range.
Badghis police chief Brig Gen Ahmad Sami told Pajhwok Afghan News that the insurgent attack took place on Friday at about 11am on the Baba Kapi security checkpost of the national army soldiers.
Buzlarin daha kisa surede cozulmesi icin buzluga isisi 50[degrees]C'yi gecmeyen sicak su konarak kapi kapatilabilir;
Mike O'Brien officiated at the ceremony, and Scriptures were read by John David Hardy and Kapi Dismukes.
CAPT John and Kapi Kizer, SC, USN (Ret) Scholarship