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KAPPKinase-Associated Protein Phosphatase
KAPPKenya Agricultural Productivity Project (Kenya Agricultural Research Institute; Nairobi, Kenya)
KAPPKorean Association of Phonogram Producers (Seoul, South Korea)
KAPPKick Ass Paintball Products
KAPPKey Asset Protection Plan
KAPPKey Access Protection Program
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Kapp wished to provoke me; he was awaiting his chance.
Stanislas Kapp, as the challenged party, to decide.
Stanislas Kapp had positively declined to make excuses, and he, on his side, obviously, had none to offer.
NASDAQ: SMT) (TSX: SMA), an innovator and leading provider of collaboration solutions announces that SMART kapp iQ is the winner of a Gold Stevie Award for the Best New Product of the Year - Business-to-Business category - in the 12[sup.
At ISE 2015, SMART kapp was named Best of Show by Tech and Learning UK.
Nash and Kapp -- before he got hurt -- those two were pretty dynamic and you can see why.
The school, about 20 miles (32 km) from Portland, Oregon, was put on lockdown for roughly two hours and there were no injuries, Kapp said.
Mena-Hadyka and Kapp are the most recent of 22 fellows who have participated in the Department's CHCI program, which allows Hispanics aspiring to public-sector work to try executive-and legislative-branch assignments.
After a disappointing start, Kapp and Dane van Niekerk stabilized South Africa's innings, and later Kapp proceeded to clean-up the Pakistan batting line-up with her useful medium-pace bowling and thus ensuring South Africa usurped Pakistan to assume the 'B3' position in Group B.
Master Blenders 1753, Kapp Nederland and HRS heat exchangers designed and manufactured the DTA series heat exchangers for heating and cooling units in the new pilot plant.
We began writing together about section 15 as a result of the Kapp decision and have now jointly authored four articles (8) and a number of blogs (9) about developments since 2008.
The Kapp Award was established in recognition of the contributions to the Academy of Ronald 0.