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KAPUKenya Airports Police Unit
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With regard to lovemaking, kapu restrictions associated with various female and male chiefs, or ranks of chiefs, could prevent or curtail sexual activities (see Mana, below), depending on the rank and status of the prospective partners.
Lutf edup emti'a-i fahire-i nazmimda Bir kapu ac ki bula dest-i serifi nle baha (MACIT 2001:78)
Kanaka Maoli men were responsible not only for their gender-based tasks but also for preserving the integrity of Loina Kane, the Male Aspect of the Kanaka Maoli Sacred Law, the 'Ihi Kapu.
George Vancouver gave Kamehameha six cows and a bull, and the king promptly placed a kapu on them - meaning islanders were forbidden to kill or bother them.
Surfing was part of the ancient kapu caste system of Hawaii for at least one thousand years.
Society was strictly regimented by the ali'i in the form of kapu (taboo) laws.
For American-born Maxine Hong Kingston, this mix of cultures, languages, and images has been inspiring and explosive, and she is quite aware of the power inherent in this volatility: when she writes of the Hawai'ian mountains, translating "Leina-a-ka'uhane" as "place where souls leap off," she admits to feeling "superstitious in breaking kapu [by] saying those names aloud.
121) Kapu derived from the Kumulipo, the Hawaiian creation myth, and was part of an extremely hierarchical social system so rigid that if the shadow of an Ali'i Nui, or noble, fell on a common person, the person had to be put to death.
To crystallize and contain this transformative yet temporary experience, Cowrie hopes that there is a possibility of dedicating a hula from one woman dancer to another, a thought she hopes is "not kapu [taboo]" (29).
The pu`uhonua provided a sanctuary for kapu breakers until Kamehameha II abolished the religion in 1819.