KARDAKentucky Agriculture Resources Development Authority
KARDAKilinochchi Association for Rehabilitation of Differently Abled
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Addition of fentanyl enhances postoperative analgesia, but the duration of this effect is too brief to be clinically useful which was stated Kardas K et al(10) and in congruence with our observation in patients receiving fentanyl as adjunct.
Warning y Kardas explican convincentemente que el factor ideologico ha sido importante en la diplomacia turca de los anos dos mil en terminos de su mediacion social y discursiva, pero que eso no excluye ni disminuye la importancia de los criterios economicos y de poder que subyacen a su politica exterior.
The diversity of the political orientation of governments that Turkey has improved ties with also refutes an "axis shift" and lends support to those who argue that the AKP's foreign has been guided more by rationality and pragmatism than by ideology (among others, Kardas 2006, Danforth 2008, Onis and Yilmaz 2009).
Tarkime, Wu, Chu bei Yue karalystese paplito labai sunkiai iskaitomas "Pauksciu ir kirminu" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) rastas, kuriuo buvo graviruojami tuometiniai ginklai, tarp kuriu vienas geriausiai zinomu yra Yue karalystes valdovo Guojiano kardas (4 pav.
And Sara Louise Kardas said: "Phil, you were an amazing lad with good craic and personality which will sadly be missed.
Kardas reported that he receives research support from Polpharma SA and serves as a consultant to Boehringer Ingelheim, Egis Pharmaceuticals, and Polpharma SA.
32) Saban Kardas and Nihat Ali Ozcan, "Turkey's PKK Responds to AKP Flirtation with the Kurdistan Regional Government," Terrorism Monitor, Vol.
Retired Judge Colonel Umit Kardas recalled that an amendment was made to the article 250 of the Code of Criminal Procedures on trial of soldiers in civilian courts.
Saban Kardas is an associate instructor in the political science department at the University of Utah.