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KARLKansas Agriculture and Rural Leadership
KARLKorean Amateur Radio League (South Korea)
KARLKnowledge Acquisition and Representation Language (computing)
KARLKarlsruhe Register Transfer Language (HDL developed 1978 in Karlsruhe, Germany)
KARLKilojoule Advanced Research Laser
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Competitors aside, Karl Kani Infinity's best bet for continued success is to continue to respond to its core consumer and to find ways to expand into other markets.
For obvious reasons Karl, Will and much of the staff described themselves and the major events in their lives in Freudian terms.
As one of Wales's most popular classical music composers ever Karl Jenkins has worked with a long list of other talented individuals over the years, and many were eager to join him on stage to celebrate this great milestone.
Because of what you did," Jason tells Karl, "me and Stella, we're more solid than ever You've done me a favour there.
We wanted to do something in Karl's name and doing it for Help for Heroes seemed appropriate as Karl had previously been involved himself in other events for this charity," Karl, a metal worker, said.
Coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray said: "In light of all the evidence, the court shall record a verdict that Karl Peter Harding, otherwise known as Karl Brooks, died as the result of an accident.
C[pounds sterling]Dubai Infinity Holdings is excited to bring Karl Lagerfeld to the UAE region for the first time as he embarks on laying his footprint on Isla Moda.
Karl Lagerfeld is arguably, one of the world's most talented and well known fashion leaders and we are honored to have the opportunity to work with him in launching Karl Lagerfeld Accessories," said Abe Chehebar, Chairman and CEO of ANG.
The interview with Karl in the book [is one] Wayne and I had conducted not long after the first election, and Karl did what he does all the time: He tells you the texture of the truth but leaves out important facts, so that nothing he is saying is untrue, but you don't have the whole story.
It happened early on Sunday, hours after Karl - described as an "angel" by his family - and 16 relatives had welcomed in 2006 at the house with a party, dancing and fireworks.
Then, promising young power forward Nene went down opening night - Karl, handcuffed to his living room sofa by a two-game suspension that carried over from last year, nearly threw his TV out of his window as he watched in horror - followed by a crushing home loss to the Lakers the next night in which a five-point lead late in regulation vanished into the thin Mile High air.