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KASCKalinga Apayao State College (Philippines)
KASCKansas African Studies Center (University of Kansas; Lawrence, KS)
KASCKnowledge Availability Systems Center (University of Pittsburgh)
KASCKodály Association of Southern California
KASCKorea Air Simulation Center
KASCKorean Air Simulation Center
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KASC scientists also reported on the star RR Lyrae.
Kepler data ultimately will give us a better understanding of the future of our Sun and the evolution of our galaxy as a whole," said Daniel Huber, lead author on one of the KASC studies.
2) Reader, R&D Department of Physics, KASC Coimbatore-29, Tamil Nadu, India E-mail: sahanacbe@hotmail.
Arizona State College had already claimed the KASC call letters.
KASC was constructed on three million square meters.
It has already taken its place as an iconic architectural expression on the Jeddah and Saudi skyline but, behind the facade, the KASC is more than just a sports venue -- it is a pillar of engineering excellence that boasts the latest in large-venue technology from the grass on the pitch, to a cutting-edge external design that promotes energy efficiency and natural air cooling.
KASC is going to be pivotal for the onward journey of the Kingdom toward athletic excellence.