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KASIKonferensi Agung Sangha Indonesia (Indonesian religious conference)
KASIKilimanjaro Association of the Spinally Injured (Tanzania)
KASIKnowledge About Schizophrenia Interview
KASIKingman Airline Services, Inc. (Kingman, AZ)
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Kaya pala masaya, kaya pala minsan malungkot kasi siya talaga ang para sa akin.
More on sa mental 'di na siguro iniisip 'yung conditioning kasi may [pro] teams naman sila so about sa mental toughness [talaga]," Perez shared.
Mr Kasi was shot and killed by gunmen earlier on Monday as he was on his way to his office.
Mr Kasi was shot and killed by gunmen earlier yesterday as he was on his way to his office.
Kasi's captors had demanded a huge amount of ransom from the his family soon after the kidnapping, however, his son Nawabzada Omar Kasi had refused to pay the ransom amount.
Ruben Curie, aged two, with his mum Kasi WALES NEWS SERVICE
For the first few days of her life Kasi was under the care of the vet nurse at the zoo and then it fell to Helen and her colleague Gretchen to become her adoptive mums.
But my husband was not on the flight and Kasi came back alone," Usharani said.
Kasi, a former Foxford School pupil, spent a month in a mocked-up 1964 boarding house for the television programme.
Hundreds of religious students have protested for days in Pakistan, calling the US the biggest terrorist of all and warning Americans in that country that they won't be safe if Kasi dies.
Director Kasi Lemmons (``Eve's Bayou'') presents some knockout visuals but undercuts her mystery story by clumsily handling the film's final act.
NEW YORK -- The Associated Press has named Srinandan Kasi, who has been with the news cooperative since 2004, to be vice president and general counsel.