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KASWKnowledge Acquisition from the Social Web
KASWKorea Association of Social Workers (South Korea)
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With the introduction of KASW, muscle contracted and [VO.
Because KASW is a potent stiffening agent and mechanical stimulation is nearly as potent as KASW (Motokawa, 1984), these connective tissues were likely in almost the fully stiffened state.
The reversible nature of the stiffening response induced by KASW supported this view.
Tensile tests of LBWM were also carried out both in the relaxed state and in a contracted state induced by KASW.
2]) of dermis and longitudinal body-wall muscle (LBWM) from Actinopyga mauritiana in artificial seawater (ASW), seawater with excess potassium (KASW), and acetylcholine (ACh) Dermis LBWM ASW KASW ASW KASW ACh 10 [.
The increase was apparent in about 20 s after the application of KASW and maximized in about 2 min.
KASW reversibly increased the creep rate as in the isolated CA.
The fresh, unfrozen samples responded to KASW (Fig.
Stimulation with KASW provoked two responses simultaneously.
The J indices of the loading phase in samples stiffened by physical stimulation, KASW stimulation, and ACh stimulation were 9.
The long resting period seems not to adversely affect the dermis, because the sample rested for 1 day showed clear responses both to KASW and to ACh.
This reaction was observed in four cases after application of ACh in pull tests and in two cases after application of KASW, once in pull tests and once in push tests.