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In a minority of situations where both inhA and KatG mutations are present (precluding use of either Eto or high-dose INH), an alternative agent, such as clofazimine or para-aminosalicylate, is considered for addition to the regimen to ensure a minimum of four effective drugs.
The more successful the Kickstarter is the longer the marathon goes on, but it will also have an effect on how long the KATG Tour is.
Six mutations in the rpoB gene (D516V, H526D, H526Y, H526R, H526L, and S531L) and one mutation in the katG gene (S315T) were interrogated.
In a PCR reaction in which selected segments of the katG gene are amplified, one would expect the fluorescent pattern of a nonmutated strain to
Further, limited experimental evidence has led to the hypothesis that the katG gene is associated with INH resistance in M.
It contains sequences from the katG, inhA, rpoB, rpsL, and gyrA (associated with fluoroquinolone resistance) genes (32).
The line probe assay Genotype MTBDRplus (Hain Lifescience, Bandol, France) performed on sputum showed a positive signal for all wild-type sequences and for rpoB (S531L associated with RIF resistance) and katG (S315T associated with INH resistance) mutations, suggesting the presence of mixed susceptible and resistant M.
PCR amplification of variable sequence upstream of katG gene to subdivide strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex.
DNA from MDR isolates was amplified and sequenced for the known drug-resistance determining regions katG, inhA, rpoB, embB, gyrA, rrs, and eis by using methods described by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (10).
The sputum smear had 3+ acid-fast bacilli (AFB); mutations of the rpoB and katG genes were indicated by testing with GenoType MTDRplus (Hain Lifescience, Nehren, Germany).
No mutation in the katG and inhA genes, frequently associated with isoniazid resistance, was detected.