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KATIKutenai Art Therapy Institute (Canada)
KATIKorea Agricultural Trade Information
KATIKentucky Advanced Technology Institute (Bowling Green, KY)
KATIKorangi Association of Trade & Industry (Karachi, Pakistan)
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He informed the members of KATI that in the issue of lack of quorum of the NTC has been resolved in new act of NTC.
Without tax credits, I wouldn't be able to work KATI CONWAY ENVIRONMENTAL WORKER
trabzon ve rize illeri yerel yE[micro]netimleri kati atik tesisleri yapma ve isletme birligi gE-lhabarhatun mahallesi inE[micro]nE- caddesi no:81 k:2 trabzon
Kati Hiekkapelto is a special needs teacher by training.
KATI will provide 10-liter additional fuel per mobile van every day while every police personnel will be paid Rs5000 extra salary per month.
Turban Street Cafe aims to attract customers looking for an authentic taste of real Indian street food - serving up a variety of fresh Kati Rolls from succulent lamb, to tender chicken tikka and spicy chickpeas.
To ensure the 2,500 plants are at their best for the show, Kati and Maggie have spent the last few months growing double that amount as around half won't make it or peak in time.
NEW BRIGHTON have suffered a major blow with the news that skipper Kati Tuipulotu is set to be out for two months with a broken arm.
Kati, an Asian-American intern placed in a second-grade class in a school that served children in grades 2-5, agreed to teach the research lesson.
Katherene: Hey, Kati, can you answer a question for me?
Contact: Kati Elliott Phone: (410) 975-9638 E-mail: kati@kehcomm.
Six months pregnant Kati Newcome, 36, was discovered unconscious in the Greggs shop where she had worked as assistant manager for three years.