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KATNKick Ass Take Names
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KATN maintains network affiliations with ABC and NBC, KTVF has CBS and NBC, the Fox network broadcasts as Channel 7, and a religious channel based in North Pole maintains a station called KJNP.
Fairbanks Local Channels(b) -- KATN (ABC)/Channel 2 -- KTVF (NBC)/Channel 11 -- KJNP (IND)/Channel 4 -- WB (WB)/Channel 14 -- KUAC(PBS)/Channel 9 (b) DIRECTV has not yet reached agreements with the owners of KXD-LP (CBS)/Channel 13 and KFXF (FOX)/Channel 7.
These stations are WFFF - TV (FOX) Burlington, VT; KEYT - TV (ABC) Santa Barbara, CA; WKTV - TV (NBC) Utica, NY; KIMO - TV (ABC) Anchorage, AK; KATN - TV, (ABC) Fairbanks, AK; and KJUD - TV (ABC) Juneau, AK.