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Recently, the Namibian component of KAZA TFCA was completed and its five year Integrated Development Plan for the period 2013 to 2017 was launched by Minister of Environment and Tourism, Hon Uahekua Herunga in the Caprivi Region.
I a sense, KAZA has become a label, and despite my misgiving about moving too fast over too large an area, I realise the enormous marketing potential of this particular label.
Taking the next step from the KAZA treaty to an agreed roadmap, will probably take in excess of ten years.
The station group builds on the strong operation of KAZA, channel 54, which has been operated by Azteca America under an LMA or local marketing agreement since 2003.
com; Jorge Jaidar, General Manager, KAZA TV, +1-818- 844-1441, jjaidar@aztecaamerica.
The event marked five years since the launch of the KAZA Azteca 54 station as the network has grown from one to 45 stations.
Melissa Kazas always wondered where her dad got all his energy.