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KBCSKnowledge Based Computer Systems
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Belgian KBC Group has announced it will buy MetLife's 40% stake in Bulgaria-registered life insurance partnership UBB-MetLife Life Insurance Company, thus becoming a full owner of the firm.
KBC stated, "The financial impact of this deal is immaterial to either KBC or MetLife.
This announcement marks completion of the SVM takeover as a 100% subsidiary and initiation of the consolidation of SVM and the cloud-based Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider Industrial Knowledge (IK) into KBC Advanced Technologies (KBC), which Yokogawas acquired in April 2016.
By integrating SVM and IK with KBC, we will bring together deep and rich business, process, and operational domain knowledge across the energy and chemicals sectors, and will connect this with the cloud-based, real-time representation of plant, business, and supply chain operations to identify and implement solutions that will sustain and continuously improve performance.
By building KBCs, teacher-librarians can do that--build places of knowledge.
Armed with a template for the KBC and knowing that so many of my students had been exposed to wikispaces because of their teachers' wiki frenzy during the previous school year, I plotted an action research project.
The next phase of the research involved creating the KBC for students' own research projects.
During their second visit, they were introduced to the KBC and continued their research by working on their works cited.
Clearly the KBC had been the impetus for their "one-stop shopping" research experience.
I was delighted to find that by creating KBC wild pages, our students can gain knowledge from reliable sources.
Secura is a 90%-owned subsidiary of the KBC financial group, Belgium's third-largest banking and insurance group, whose main insurance operating company is KBC Insurance N.
The removal from CreditWatch follows the provision of legally binding explicit support from KBC Insurance N.