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KBDIKeetch-Byram Drought Index
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In this study, we analyzed both the KBDI and wildfire probabilities computed directly within the Community Earth System Model version 1 (CESM1), which are primarily driven by the dryness of the surface soil and the availability of fuel load, that is, vegetation (Thonicke et al.
Projections for California did show a steady increase of the fire risk based solely upon the KBDI (Fig.
Analyzing the 1800-year pre-industrial simulation of the CESM1 by treating the simulation as 18 member ensembles of 100-year simulation, the pre-industrial simulations envelops entirely both the KBDI and the extreme fire risk measures fluctuation for the period spanning 1920-80 (Fig.
The accelerated increase in the KBDI and the extreme fire risk in relation to the projected wetter climate in California is intriguing.
That spirit still infuses the KBDI hallways in Denver's Five Points Media Center.
How, then, does a small outfit like KBDI navigate these turbulent waters without getting sucked under?
KBDI looked at digital and asked, "How can we use the DTV opportunity to do more of what we do well?
3), both of which were national and internationally based program services that perfectly fit the traditional KBDI mission.