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KBEKnowledge Based Enterprises
KBEKnight Commander of the Order of the British Empire
KBEKnowledge Based Engineering
KBEKnowledge Based Economy
KBEKnowledge-Based Entrepreneurship (various organizations)
KBEKelly Bushing Elevation (measurement; oil production)
KBEKnowledge Based Environment
KBEKnoxville Builders Exchange (Tennessee)
KBEKnowledge Based Extraction
KBEKnowledge Based Executive
KBEKnowledge-Based Error
KBEKabula Bonga Enterprises (band)
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Visteon's KBE tool also understands processes in the plants and warns when manufacturing a particular part would break the "tool rule," requiring new tooling or use of a different facility.
In 2003, APEC should strengthen its cooperation to promote KBE, bridge the knowledge gap and thereby stimulate creative enterprise.
It reports these findings: most respondents associated KBE with knowledge management, lifelong learning, and intellectual assets; and on-the-job training was considered the most effective training delivery method.
However, KBE Kunststoffproduktion GmbH in Berlin looked East, opening sales offices and warehouses in former East Bloc countries.
KBE systems are based on a form of attribute grammar that is designed for capturing the "engineering rules" representing the mechanical design process followed by engineers.
The first objective of the new KBE system was to create one model of the system, then allow different engineering specialties to view that model through their own analytical filters.
Coupled with other KBE systems and CAD packages, such remote information services empower even the smallest practice with the potential to design, test and deliver large-scale and complex projects.
As such KBE is a more encompassing term than generative machining.
KBE is capable of meeting the most demanding supply chain requirements via our state-of-the-art distribution facility in the United States.
Steve Pemberton - see Question 6 honorary KBE in 1998?