KBGKentucky Bluegrass
KBGKing's Bay Gold Corporation (stock symbol)
KBGKatherman, Briggs & Greenberg, LLP
KBGKick Butts Generation (Delaware anti-tobacco youth movement)
KBGKernkraftwerk Betriebsgesellschaft
KBGKevin Bramble Goodz (adaptive sports equipment)
KBGKing Black Dragon (gaming clan)
KBGKomplexbuildinguild (gaming clan)
KBGKiwi Beach Gear (New Zealand)
KBGKiller Boxing Gloves (video game)
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Although we do not use the a priori classification of government expenditures as "productive" and "unproductive" as in KBG, we let the data "do the talking" (Bose, Haque, and Osborn 2007; Devarajan, Swaroop, and Heng-fu 1996; Gosh and Georgiou 2008).
In the KBG mixture, 3-year mean forage quality was lower with less frequent harvest at each CH (Table 3).
A spokesman for KBG said: "We found pools of blood around where someone had dug down.
Following the completion of that project, KBG will be doing a second project at Elmendorf.
We reported that the administration of KBG improves intellectual ability, emotional disorder and subjective symptoms of patients with asymptomatic cerebral infarction (Goto et al.
A further problem is the difficulty of separating the available expenditure data into productive and non-productive types a priori, as required if the methodology of KBG (1999) is to be implemented.
Ballantyne JC, Carr DB, Chalmers TC, Dear KBG, Angelillo IF, Mosteller F: Postoperative patient-controlled analgesia: Meta-analyses of initial randomized control trials.
Build Nebraska award winners are selected based on a project's complexity, innovation, coordination with partners and contribution to the community," said Ron Duce, KBG senior vice president.
Frost the Trail KL Corporate Challenge 2013 saw teams of four runners and individual runners each having to complete a challenging trail through FRIM that covers a lap around the scenic lake route of KBG, followed by a track through the jungle and ending with a sprint over a rugged track.
Relations between Britain and Russia have been under serious strain since the death of Alexandr Litvinenko, the former KBG and FSB agent who defected to MI6.
The purpose of the present study was to evaluate whether KBG has an effect on RBC deformability in comparison with pentoxifylline (PXF).