KBHCKristin Brooks Hope Center (suicide prevention; Washington, DC)
KBHCKentucky Baptist Homes for Children
KBHCKorea Bell Helicopter Co. (est. 1986; South Korea)
KBHCKowloon Bay Health Centre (Hong Kong)
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Pedreira, who is a lesbian, was hired to be a family counselor by KBHC that year.
Six months later, Pedreira was summarily handed a pink slip after KBHC officials saw a photo of her and her partner taking part in an AIDS walk.
Fortunately, Pedreira said she didn't go through this experience with KBHC to let that happen.
Since KBHC fired her, she has become the human face for more than one civil rights campaign.
Contact: Reese Butler of KBHC, +1-202-669-8500; or Scott Goodstein of Save 1800 Suicide, +1-202-518-8332
The federal government to pay and settle KBHCs pending claim: http://www.
While the future of the line is still not assured the KBHC believes that others will follow the Postsecret lead and help keep the line from being turned off.
We'd like to raise enough money in the next three to four year that we can tell the state: `Keep your money, we'll still serve your kids,'" KBHC President William Smithwick told the Kentucky Baptist Convention in November.
He ruled that Americans United and the ACLU could proceed with their claim that government funding of KBHC violates the separation of church and state, as the facility may be found to be "pervasively sectarian.
Co-workers at the KBHC happened to see the photo at the state fair and reported their discovery to Jack Cox, Pedreira's supervisor and the agency's program director.
23, 1998, after refusing to resign or accept a demotion, Pedreira was fired by the KBHC on the grounds that her sexual orientation was in conflict with the religious identity of the facility.