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KBMBKeesing Business Media Belgium (Dutch business to business publisher)
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exclaims E-man, MD for KPWR in LA; Jay is the PD for KBMB out of Sacramento and says, "We love it up here
After radio station KMEL in San Francisco played the controversial song ``Ugly Girl,'' eight other stations added it the second week, including KKUU in Palm Springs; KBMB in Sacramento; KDDB in Honolulu; KYLZ in Albuquerque; KDGS in Wichita, Kan.
Singles from "Informal Introduction" have grown and include spins on Power 106, Hot 97 New York, KCAQ, KYLD, KMEL, KBXX, KKFR, KUUU, KWYL, KBOS, KJMM, KBMB, KQKS and KOHT.