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KBNPKahuzi Biega National Park (Africa)
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Within two years, it seems, most of the large mammals in KBNP had been poached.
Iyomi Iyatshi, the park's chief warden, estimates that at the peak of activities, up to 15,000 people were involved in mining in KBNP.
A census in the mid-1990s estimated that there were 17,000 Grauer's gorillas in the world and that 86 per cent of them lived in KBNP and the neighbouring Kasese Forest.
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Traders Nation can be heard on: 1) KBNP 1410AM, "The Money Station," Portland, Ore.
Traders Nation can be heard on: 1) KBNP 1410-AM, "The Money Station," Portland, Ore.