KBSPKinzua Bridge State Park (Pennsylvania)
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Finally, the Board reviewed the recent developments of the public rest area project to be constructed adjacent to the entrance of KBSP, which will consist of separate toilet facilities and prayer rooms for men and women.
These regular meetings come as part of the ministry's continuous efforts to strengthen Bahrain's commercial status and to position KBSP as a preferred maritime destination for commerce and trade heading to the Northern Gulf.
Large industrial plants in Bahrain are also exporting their goods to the wider regional and international markets, making KBSP even busier.
According to the statistics the total number of TEU's (20-foot equivalent units), handled at KBSP during the first 12 months increased by 13.
Strategically located, the KBSP has seen tremendous success in serving as a transshipment hub in the region, by meeting the growing requirements of the Northern Gulf markets.
Additionally, KBSP has global electronic data systems which automate operational documents, leading to faster communications, reduced data preparation and improved reliability.
The latest operational statistics are evidence that KBSP has already begun to solidifying its prominence among the shipping hubs of the region.
The Kingdom is also establishing itself as a regional transhipment hub through KBSP, with January recording the highest number of transhipment containers.
Adding to the marine equipment available at KBSP, the new tugboats
KBSP officials reported a 31 per cent increase in the overall volume of merchandise handled last year.
Shaikh Daij also thanked the ministers and private sector partners, especially APM Terminals Bahrain, a leader in port management and the operator of KBSP, for the smooth transfer of operations from Mina Salman Port to KBSP.
Despite the slowdown in the global economy of 2012, KBSP demonstrated a marked development in our overall competence and we achieved an outstanding performance in commercial and operational activities.