KCANKilkenny Community Action Network (Kilkenny, Ireland)
KCANKenya Coalition for Action in Nutrition
KCANKansas Classified Ad Network (newspapers)
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In KCAN communities and individuals are always free to express views about the things that particularly matter to them, but I can reassure Tony that KCAN has not yet formed a collective opinion on the new draft Local Plan and will only do so after careful, professional analysis of the plan and all the issues it raises.
KCAN is not against development and never has been.
Planning innovation KCAN wants to encourage and reinforf ce planning innovation.
KCAN members decided to back any candidate in May's Kirklees election who opposes the LDF.
Spokesman Robert Bamforth said: "KCAN has always said it would work with any political party that shared its views and, following the council vote, there is an expectation that KCAN will now work with the Conservative and Green parties.