KCASKnots Calibrated Airspeed
KCASKern County Archaeological Society (Bakersfield, CA)
KCASKing County Animal Services (Washington)
KCASKenton County Animal Shelter (Kentucky)
KCASKing County Aerial Survey (Washington state survey and mapping project)
KCASKnowing Christ as Savior (radio station)
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About KCAS, LLC KCAS provides bioanalytical, immunoanalytical, alkaline hematin, and biomarker services to a diverse, worldwide client portfolio of pharmaceutical, biotech, animal health and medical device companies.
Our Joint Type Wing SOP defines mandatory go-around line speeds (100 KCAS at the 4 board, 80 KCAS at the 3 board), but nothing delineates a "go-around unfeasible" point.
The original KCAS was founded in 1979 by William Mason, Ph.
In addition to providing access to significant capital resources, the combined KVCI and KBA effort offers extensive pharmaceutical expertise that will benefit our customers, employees and shareholders as we continue to bring the highest levels of quality and innovation to the marketplace," said Michael Lanman, son of one of the original KCAS founders and a 25-year veteran of the lab.
After tanking at 225 KCAS, with the landing gear down, he flew a flawless approach to an OK 3-wire.