KCASKnots Calibrated Airspeed
KCASKern County Archaeological Society (Bakersfield, CA)
KCASKing County Animal Services (Washington)
KCASKenton County Animal Shelter (Kentucky)
KCASKing County Aerial Survey (Washington state survey and mapping project)
KCASKnowing Christ as Savior (radio station)
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Put another way, because of its higher gross weight, the airplane's stall speed in a 30-degree banked turn was about 48 KCAS, which was near the airplane's recorded groundspeed of 52 knots.
About KCAS, LLC KCAS provides bioanalytical, immunoanalytical, alkaline hematin, and biomarker services to a diverse, worldwide client portfolio of pharmaceutical, biotech, animal health and medical device companies.
Cryoport, in conjunction with KCAS and Heat, has initiated a broad based study to scientifically compare the effect of logistics shipping systems and temperature on bioanalytical sample quality, assay performance and stability of investigational cell therapeutics.
Our Joint Type Wing SOP defines mandatory go-around line speeds (100 KCAS at the 4 board, 80 KCAS at the 3 board), but nothing delineates a "go-around unfeasible" point.
The original KCAS was founded in 1979 by William Mason, Ph.
831 Jai Research Foundation (JRF--America) 919 Japanese Society of Toxicology 539 Kallistem 2332 KCAS Bioanalytical Services 727 Kingfisher Biotech 930 Korea Institute of Toxicology (KIT) 1117 Kunming Biomed International (KBI) 1644 Lab Products, Inc.
The combination of the long span, Fowler flaps with vortex generators and gurney strips on the trailing edge produce a full-flap stall speed of 50 knots indicated or 61 KCAS.
Ltd 715 JoVE 1054 JRS Pharma LP 1223 Jubilant HollisterStier 1048 Kamat Pharmatech 1656 KCAS Bioanalytical Services 1442 Kemwell Blopharma 1842 Kerry 2403 Kg-pharma GmbH & Co.
1448 Jai Research Foundation (JRF - America) 1529 Kallistem 1557 KCAS.
619 JRS Pharma LP 2905 Jubilant HollisterStier 1218 Kamat Pharmatech 534 KCAS Bioanalytical Services 201 Kemwell Biopharma 421 Kikusui USA, Inc.
1044 Jai Research Foundation (JRF - America) 1550 KAER Biotherapeutics 809 Kallistem 645 KCAS, LLC 1630 Kinder Scientific Company 1428 Konigsberg Instruments, Inc.
Ltd 4425 JRS Pharma LP 3424 Jubilant HollisterStier 2547 Kansas Bioscience Authority 3411 KCAS, LLC Bioanalytical Labs 1441, 2627 KD Scientific 5417 Kemwell Biopharma 3024 Key International Inc.