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KCATKorea City Air Terminal (Seoul, South Korea)
KCATKansas City Actors Theatre (Kansas City, MO)
KCATKilkenny Collective for Arts Talent (Kilkenny, Ireland)
KCATKidney Check Australia Taskforce (est. 2001; Australia)
KCATOverall Enzymatic Catalytic Rate
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The other three committees consist of a balance of KCAT artists and community members, and weekly meetings are held on a rotating basis at committee members' homes.
She added: "I think my mum would have been very touched that I've set up KCAT.
n PROBABLY one of the most requested tunes at the moment is Destiny from Delinquent featuring KCat.
The kinetic constants, kcat and kcat/Km, were found to be very similar between the angalogs, but much smaller than the authentic anthracyclines.
be sofo shel davar hi sipra al ha gneva la horim shela ve hem ba hatxala kcat ka'asu aval hevinu she hi mictaeret al ze [CP4] `Eventually she told her parents about the theft and they were a bit mad at the beginning but (they) understood that she was sorry about it' [CP4] b.
The H84C and H89C both bind 1 molZn(II)/mole enzyme, and the Kcat value for H89C, 33 +/- 4s-1 is significantly different from the wild type L 1 enzyme.
The Los Gatos Weekly Times, Gentry Magazine, KCAT local TV station and WAVE Magazine.