KCBPUKansas City Board of Public Utilities (Kansas)
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The cellular network we used for our AMI pilot was just unable to give us the reliability, coverage and economics we needed across our coverage area which ranges from urban to more rural areas," said Bill Johnson, manager of electric operations and technology, KCBPU.
In addition to utilizing the Tropos network for AMI, KCBPU is planning to eventually leverage it for other new power and water utility applications.
KCBPU is a combined electric and water utility system serving 65,000 electric customers and approximately 51,000 water customers.
Future rating triggers for KCBPU to maintain an 'A+' rating include:
Debt service coverage in 2001 was below average for KCBPU at 1.
KCBPU is currently evaluating whether to build, buy, or enter into contracts to meet these supply needs.