KCCJKorean Christian Church in Japan
KCCJKentucky Conference for Community and Justice (est. 2005)
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One suggestion was that the KCCJ send a woman missionary to Canada.
Lee, Byung-Ku, Moderator of the KCCJ, preached and a 30-member youth band/ orchestra, along with the church choir, provided special music.
During the Second World War, the KCCJ was compelled to take part in a government enforced union of all Protestant churches in Japan.
Kuyung Hae Chung, Moderator of the KCCJ, responded warmly to the presentation of a plaque under the signature of William Klempa, Moderator of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.
As Yodogawa Christian Hospital had grown, never losing sight of its original purpose, so the KCCJ amazed them with its growth and change.