KCCJKorean Christian Church in Japan
KCCJKentucky Conference for Community and Justice (est. 2005)
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A copy of Kimchi and Maple Leaves under the Rising Sun, a 75th anniversary history of the PCC/KCCJ partnership that I wrote, was presented to KCCJ research historian Rev.
One suggestion was that the KCCJ send a woman missionary to Canada.
Throughout his history of this ongoing relationship between the KCCJ and the PCC, Anderson seeks to relate his account to the wider context of Korean, Japanese, Canadian and world history, and to ongoing developments in the theology and practice of mission.
The service was held in the Tama-Tsukuri Roman Catholic Church auditorium because there was no KCCJ facility available large enough to accommodate the congregation.
As Yodogawa Christian Hospital had grown, never losing sight of its original purpose, so the KCCJ amazed them with its growth and change.