KCCUKingston Community Credit Union (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)
KCCUKern Central Credit Union (Bakersfield, CA)
KCCUKansas Corporate Credit Union (Wichita, KS)
KCCUKamiah Community Credit Union (est. 1963)
KCCUKing County Credit Union (Seattle, WA, USA)
KCCUKingsborough College of the City University of New York (Brooklyn, NY)
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But, KCCU isn't in merger discussions with anyone, and Einsenhauer added his members would be less likely to recapitalize a merged entity than Kansas Corp.
KCCU also was recently approved to be a third-party safekeeping agent for the FHLB.
The blood between credit unions and bankers is so bad in the sunflower state, KCCU members have told their corporate they don't want to depend upon the for-profit providers for anything.