KCHCKings County Hospital Center (New York)
KCHCKimberly Clark Health Care
KCHCKingston Community Health Centers (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)
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A joint investigation of the psychiatric units at KCHC began in December 2007, under provisions of the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA).
The agreement provides for regular site visits by a team of experts to assess compliance with the agreement, and that this review and assessment occur regularly over a period of at least five years, until KCHC substantially complies with the consent judgment's requirements.
KCHC has outsourced its warehouse operations since 1985, growing from one provider to a network of seven as the business grew.
Using this methodology, customers like KCHC can be assured that USF Logistics is able to consistently provide the standard of service it promises.
The KCHC dental clinic opened in 1998 as a two-chair dental office in a small converted conference room.