KCKKansas City, Kansas
KCKKoma Civaken Kurdistan (Norwegian: Kurdish Democratic Confederation)
KCKKohl's Cares for Kids
KCKKituo Cha Katiba (Swahili: Constitution Center; Uganda)
KCKKatolickiego Centrum Kultury (Polish: Catholic Cultural Center)
KCKKredit Candak Kulak (Indonesian credit program)
KCKKilkenny College, Kilkenny (Ireland)
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Immediatelyafter Sarikaya issued the summons, the Istanbul police department's counterterrorism unithead, Yurt Atayun, and the Istanbul police department's intelligence unit head, Erol Demirhan, who conducted the KCK investigation, were removed from their posts.
DemirtaE- canceled his meetings in Ankara on Wednesday and headed to Brussels to attend a TV show on a Kurdish TV channel and meet with senior members of the KCK, reportedly to convince the KCK to resume the settlement process and stop its recent series of attacks against Turkish security forces.
The KCK trial on October 18, 2010, was held collectively by the specially authorized Diyarbakir 6th High Criminal Court.
The investigation into the KCK, an umbrella organization for the outlawed Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) and other affiliated groups, started in December 2009, since when a large number of suspected KCK members and several mayors from the BDP have been detained.
ANKARA , November 29, 2011 - Turkish prime minister said on Tuesday that KCK organization was an organization attempt parallel to the state.
KCK focuses on basic research aimed at building knowledge and understanding of key phenomena, which has contributed strongly to putting Swedish passenger cars and heavy vehicles at the forefront of emission control.
In a similar ruling, Diyarbakir High Criminal Court No:6 overturned the release requests of independent deputies Ibrahim Ayhan ve Gulser Yildirim who were also elected deputies in June 12 elections while under trial in the KCK case.
Turkey's Kurdistan Workers Party, or Partiya Karkeren Kurdistan (PKK), is also a member of the KCK.
Irmak, Aktas and Sariyildiz are currently on trial at the 6th High Criminal Court in Diyarbakir as suspects of the investigation into the terrorist organization's urban branch KCK.
When asked by Today's Zaman about DemirtaE-'s reported meeting with senior KCK members, HDP deputy Pervin Buldan said DemirtaE- "will attend a TV show and will hold some meetings.
The Kurdistan Workers Party (KK) listed as a terrorist organization internationally by a number of states and organizations including the United States, NATO and the EU, is also a member of KCK.
Demhat Agit, the KCK spokesman for foreign affairs, however, denied the PKK's involvement in the incident.