KCMSDKansas City, Missouri School District
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The Supreme Court had clearly mandated that the court use its broad equitable powers to enforce Brown, and the court had found that KCMSD was not in compliance with Brown, but it could not order KCMSD to impose new taxes because KCMSD was prohibited by state law from doing so.
The district court ordered KCMSD to adopt a new property tax and, in the interim, ordered that a new income and property tax be imposed under its own inherent power, and in addition, that $150 million of new bonds be issued, all in direct contravention to the Missouri Constitution.
19) But the order in the KCMSD case went even beyond that.
20) The primary issues on which it did not agree with the district court were: (1) the Circuit court struck down the income tax surcharge adopted by the district court, and (2) the Circuit court held that KCMSD should be permitted, as an initial matter, to set the rate of property tax to further federal/state comity.
23) Importantly, however, the majority opinion agreed with the Eighth Circuit that ordering KCMSD to impose a property tax and following procedures permitting the district to determine the appropriate rate would be within the power of the district court.
First, Missouri and KCMSD violated the Constitution by legally segregating the schools.
The Court in Jenkins applied this line, holding that the district court had properly ordered the imposition of a property tax to fund the desegregation order--a power KCMSD had prior to its being revoked by Missouri--but inappropriately ordered the imposition of an income tax--a power that it was unclear whether KCMSD had and clearly had not been exercised by KCMSD in the past.
Like most large, urban districts across the United States, KCMSD has implemented programs to boost students' academic growth and encourage students to graduate.
Using Certify software, KCMSD can validate and monitor a range of student, teacher and school information, such as student attendance, absenteeism, tardiness, course credits, class schedules, grade level and enrollment in special programs.
We believe technology will empower our students to become lifelong learners and contributing citizens of an ever-changing global society," said Anthony Amato, superintendent, KCMSD.
KCMSD was invited to apply for the $250,000 award after one of its schools, J.
Each district of those 36 schools was invited to apply for the $250,000 Teach Award, of which the KCMSD was selected as best in class.