KCPAKrannert Center for the Performing Arts (University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana)
KCPAKansas Consumer Protection Act (Kansas)
KCPAKirtland Center for the Performing Arts (Roscommon, Michigan)
KCPAKent County Photographic Association (UK)
KCPAKansas City Paralegal Association (Kansas City, MO)
KCPAKentucky Concrete Pavement Association (Frankfort, KY)
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The KCPA contained no carve-out for cases involving professional negligence.
The Williamson court was nevertheless aware that unmitigated application of the KCPA to the issue at bar could have an adverse impact on professionalism, or at least on the statutory scheme Kansas has constructed to deal with professionals.
Nothing in the KCPA explicitly excludes physicians or other professionals from the scope of its coverage," the court wrote.
The court refuted Amrani's argument that the legislature intended to exclude medical cases because of its various laws addressing medical malpractice, saying the patchwork of statutes didn't preclude coverage under the KCPA.
However, with sellout houses, which the Orchestra has enjoyed since the opening of the KCPA, the continuation of some of these low-priced options costs the Orchestra lost revenue opportunities each year.
With the opening of the Orchestra's new home, the KCPA and the historic Academy of Music (where the Orchestra played for 101 seasons) are now operated as a single cultural facility by the newly created Kimmel Center, Inc.