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KCRCKowloon Canton Railway Corporation (Hong Kong)
KCRCKent County Road Commission (Michigan)
KCRCKalamazoo County Road Commission (Michigan)
KCRCKorean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation (South Korea)
KCRCKings County Radio Club (Canada)
KCRCKatz Cancer Resource Center (Santa Cruz, CA)
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KCRC extents CRC to kernel space to improve the nonlinear classification ability.
In this section, we compare our method with several stat-of-the-art face recognition methods including SRC, CRC, KCRC and TPTSR on the ORL [48], the GT [49] and the MUIST [50] face databases.
From Table 1, we can find that the two methods based on kernel, KCRC and the proposed method, get the highest accuracies.
If the part-privatization of MTRC is considered a success, it is expected that similar part-privatization of KCRC and the Airport Authority will follow.
If the KCRC does proceed with a Western Corridor rail line to serve the NWNT, it is likely that the feasibility if a project finance approach will be evalluated.
In addition to working with a diverse range of clients around the globe, including Fujitsu, Bayer Nokia and major rail businesses such as KCRC in Hong Kong, Creactive Design has also worked with Chil-tern Railways (including Warwick Parkway station), tram stops for
We are proud that the KCRC has chosen Andrew to provide a high-quality, cost-effective wireless infrastructure," said Simon Leung, Andrew Corporation's project director for the KCRC project.
KCRC operates two domestic passenger rail services.
Pang Kwok Wai, Electrical Engineering manager for KCRC, East Rail Division, said, "Quality service for passenger safety and comfort is always our goal.
Our solution provides KCRC with the best cost-effective solution in compliance with the technical requirement and the required implementation time-frame.
As a statutory corporation that is 100%-owned by the Hong Kong government, KCRC serves the important role of meeting transportation demand and facilitating suburban development in Hong Kong's New Territories.
As part of the government's transportation strategy, KCRC will engage in Phase I construction of the West Rail Project, a new link to Hong Kong's Northwest New Territories.