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KCSKansas City Southern (railroad)
KCSKnox County Schools (Knoxville, Tennessee)
KCSKeratoconjunctivitis Sicca (aka Dry Eye Syndrome)
KCSKansas City Star (newspaper)
KCSKnowledge-Centered Support
KCSKalahari Conservation Society
KCSKorean Chemical Society
KCSKenny-Caffey Syndrome
KCSKing Cobb Steelie (band)
KCSKing's Cross Station (London, UK)
KCSKeswick Christian School (Saint Petersburg, Florida)
KCSKilled Carbon Steel
KCSSlovakia Koruna (national currency)
KCSKills Come Swiftly (Halo 3 clan)
KCSKnown or Certified Concentration of Standard (analytical chemistry)
KCSKildeer Countryside School (Long Grove, IL, USA)
KCSKiangan Central School (Philippines)
KCSKiem Tra Chat Luong San Pham (Vietnamese: Quality Control)
KCSKings College School (UK)
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With its in-depth experienced team, KCS develops customer-centric organisations and strategies, CRM operations policies and standards, and customer service-oriented business processes.
Additionally, as part of an earn out provision to TMM covered in the acquisition agreement, KCS was required to create a Tax Escrow of $40 million to be paid to TMM in equity by 2010, unless KCS experienced certain types of unavoidable tax liabilities at KCSM, which are not foreseen at this time.
Review of the KCS RRIF loan application will take place initially at the FRA.
His experience prior to joining KCS includes private practice, the Interstate Commerce Commission, AT&T and the Nebraska Public Service Commission.
TMM"), KCS withheld $47 million from the purchase price to establish an Indemnity Escrow to provide a basis for recovery on claims under the Acquisition Agreement.
The purpose of the Consent Solicitation is (i) to resolve an inconsistency in the inclusion of certain expenses, but not the income, of Restricted Subsidiaries in the calculation of the "Consolidated Coverage Ratio," a test which KCS and some of its subsidiaries must meet to take certain actions, by amending the definition of "Consolidated Interest Expense" in the Indenture, (ii) to permit the inclusion of certain expense items in permitted refinancings by defining "Refinancing Indebtedness" to include such items and (iii) to obtain waivers of any defaults arising from actions taken in the absence of these proposed amendments, all as described in the consent solicitation statement dated January 29, 2007 (the "Consent Solicitation Statement").