KCSRKansas City Street Racing
KCSRKentucky-Canadian Studies Roundtable (est. 1996)
KCSRKansas City Southern Railway Company
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Alabama Southern interchanges with KCSR in Columbus, CSX Transportation in Brookwood and Norfolk Southern Railway in Tuscaloosa.
Holders of the Notes may request copies of the supplemental indenture by contacting Investor Relations at KCSR at 427 West 12th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64105 (telephone 816-983-1501).
The officials of KCSR determined to construct all 6 bridges on the line with engineering work windows totaling six to eight hours each day, and crews working eight days on and six days off.
KCSR officials said, construction crews are bring out over 1 million cubic yards of dirt that need to be moved during the project.
With eLocate, KCSR is testing options designed to create a higher standard for the rail industry's management of high-value assets," said John Sweitzer, vice president of corporate strategy at GlobeRanger.
CN's Tellier said: "We are confident that the Surface Transportation Board will share our conviction that the transaction and alliance with KCSR offer clear-cut benefits that are in the public interest.
Concurrent with the formation and funding of the joint venture, Southern Capital purchased a variety of assets from KCSI and its affiliates and entered into several operating leases with KCSR.
The TLA-2, completed as an amendment to the Company's credit facility executed in July 2011, will result in significant future interest expense savings for KCSR.
KCSR operates over approximately 2,500 total track miles and provides service in eight midwestern and southern states.
The cash proceeds from the new credit facility, along with cash on hand will be used to refinance $306 million due April 2013 under the current KCSR credit facility.
Redd from general manager Southwest Division to vice president transportation for the KCSR network, and D.