KCTCSKentucky Community and Technical College System
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KCTCS President Jay Box announced earlier this month that next year's tuition is being increased by 6.
It's the virtual campus that helps them be successful," says Jay Box, chancellor of KCTCS.
KCTCS operates as a system as defined by Merriam-Webster (2011, [paragraph] 1-2): "a regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole .
What we're trying to do is provide Kentucky--the workforce, students, and employers--with a portable credential which documents transferable skills," said KCTCS Chancellor Keith W.
The brigade operations noncommissioned officer arranged a conference with the KCTCS leadership and developed a training calendar that required five drill weekends.
As part of the career pathway work, KCTCS is seeking to develop a feasible way to modularize curricula (and also fractionalize the credit offered) in both bridge and college-level instruction to allow the creation of programs that are responsive to the schedules of working students and the skills needs of employers.
Since 2000, KCTCS says it has experienced a big increase in the awarding of credentials, with the number of associate degrees tripling and the number of certificates increasing ten-fold.
Terri Giltner, the director of KCTCS marketing, says that the schools had at least three transfer advisers participating in the online college transfer fair to answer questions from students.
Toyota and Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC) have formed a partnership, and a January 31, 2012, news release from KCTCS tells the story of Christina Partin, who in the summer of 2010, alter graduating from high school, began working as an intern for Toyota.
PeopleSoft has outdone itself with the ODS product," says Jon Hesseldenz, vice president of Information Technology for KCTCS.
KCTCS President Jay Box said that has forced the state system to slash $36 million in expenses this year, including cutting 262 teachers and staff member positions, and reducing programs and offerings.
This publication includes 13 articles: (1) ATE [Advanced Technological Education] Attuned to Global Competition; (2) Materials Science Center Supplies Information on Often-Overlooked Field; (3) CSEC [Cyber Security Education Consortium] Builds Corps of Cyber Technicians; (4) KCTCS [Kentucky Community and Technical College System] Is U.