KCTUKorean Confederation of Trade Unions
KCTUKarnataka Council for Technological Upgradation (India)
KCTUKrakowskie Centrum Terapii Uzaleznien (Polish: Krakow Addiction Treatment Center)
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23) The KCTU, whose leadership was forced to step down in the face of the opposition of its rank-and-file members (mostly chaebol unions) to the legalization of the layoffs for managerial reasons, refused to participate in the second phase of the Tripartite Commission (June 1998-August 1999) and finally withdrew from the Tripartite Commission in February 1999.
In response to sharp opposition from the militant KCTU labor federation, the government was forced to negotiate employment safeguards and compensating measures to cushion the impact of weakened job security legislation.
The KCTU said it has 600,000 members from about 1,200 member labor unions, including Hyundai Motor Co.
The KCTU wants an end to layoffs stemming from corporate restructuring, which is gathering pace at the country's major conglomerates under pressure from the government.
The KCTU called for immediate nullification of the laws, an apology from the president, and the resignation of President Kim's cabinet and all those involved in the passage of the bills, including Prime Minister Lee Soo Sung and ruling NKP chair Lee Hong Koo.
But it failed to bring about significant change due to fierce opposition from the KCTU and the FKTU, which staged the first and the biggest general strike in Korean history.
The 500,000 strong KCTU comprises two nationwide labor umbrella groups.
The boycott of the Tripartite Commission by the KCTU similarly did not stop Kim Dae-jung from putting forth a measure to improve welfare for wage-earners, the unemployed, and the poor.
In a news conference, the KCTU said its representatives from individual work sites have decided not to participate in the tripartite body as the government proposals are not acceptable.
The KCTU, which claims more than half a million members in about 1,200 labor-union members, including air carrier unions and hospital unions, said about 50,000 workers from about 100 work sites went on strike Tuesday.
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We have decided to suspend today's general strike and canceled plans to hold rallies today because there is room for negotiations with the government," a KCTU spokesman was quoted by Yonhap News Agency as saying.