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KCmilThousand Circular Mil (wire size; formerly MCM)
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Joint, For 25-Kv, Premolded, Dc Cross-Linked Polyethylene Insulated, Single Conductor, 3,000 Kcmil To 3,000 Kcmil Transition, Sumitomo Copper Cable.
CTC, through its subsidiary, CTC Cable Corporation, makes composite core for use in range of ACCC conductors in ten different sizes from 431 to 2727 kcmil (220 to 1380mm^2) for use in the transmission and distribution of electricity.
The order placed by Jiangsu Far East Group for delivery to Xiamen and Fuzhou Power Bureaus is comprised of 30 kilometers of CTC's 1020 kcmil ACCC Drake conductor and 30 kilometers of CTC's 816 kcmil ACCC Grosbeak conductor, along with associated hardware.
For aluminum connectors, cable sizes covered are #8 AWG - 2/0 AWG and #2 AWG - 500 kcmil.
1,000 circuit feet of Under Ground copper cable, #500 KCMIL, 37 strand,
The new 3M Cold Shrink Splice Kit QS-III 5545A is designed for cables with a conductor size range from 4/0 AWG-1000 kcmil, which are typically used by power utilities and heavy industry.
Cable, 25-Kv, Copper Conductor, 2,000 Kcmil, Compact Round, Single Conductor, Dc Cross-Linked Polyethylene Insulated, Copper-Covered, Polyethylene Jacketed, Unarmored, Furnished On Non-Returnable Steel Reels, For A Price Per Foot Of: