KD0Key Decision 0
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Despite a higher number of contracts, the total value of construction awards eased in 2017 to KD0.
In the current expenditures, the spending on 'goods & services' declined by KD0.
Meanwhile, NBK said, the capital spending recovered somewhat in the second quarter after a weak start, rising 9 per cent y/y in the first half of 2013/14 to KD0.
1mn, the company would have reported a net profit of KD0.
Under the DCF method, we have arrived at a fair value of KD0.
Kipco said its board had recommended a dividend of KD0.
Capital spending has recovered somewhat given its weak start, reaching KD0.
Non-oil exports also contracted at a similar rate, and remained under KD0.
After slipping slightly in the first quarter, imports recovered in the second quarter, growing by almost KD0.
The value of ACICOCOs shares derived from the weighted average of the DCF and relative valuation methods is KD0.
Increase in the expenses was a result of increase in the staff cost from KD0.
Viva has invested in assets worth KD29 million in 2011, which led to a achieving an operating revenue representing 188 per cent of the company's capital and with operating profit before the deducting the cost of depreciation, amortization expenses and financing expenses totaling KD0.