KD2Kininogen Domain 2
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The KD2 Pro uses interchangeable sensors to measure thermal diffusivity, specific heat, thermal conductivity, and thermal resistivity of porous materials and liquids in situ.
Similar to the existing KD2, the new model benefits from an SH-1 dual probe that enables thermal diffusivity and specific heat to be measured simultaneously in solids, gels and liquids.
The 1998-99 budget, based on an average oil price of $10/bbl, projects a deficit after the mandatory 10 per cent contribution to the Reserve Fund for Future Generations (RFFG) of KD2.
1 billion, mainly on strong growth in portfolio outflows, which rose to KD2.
The probe revealed that KD1,300 were for fixing a vehicle and KD2,000 to be handed over to the suspect's family.
According to bourse authorities, the total value of traded shares fell by 12% to KD2.
During H1, the company recorded a net profit of KD2.
Jazeera Airways Group announced a net profit of KD2.
2 million) for the first nine months, up 131 per cent compared to KD2.
The thermal conductivity was measured by a conductivimeter KD2 proThermal Properties Analyzer (Decagon Devices, Inc.
4 million ($16 million), the airline's best Q3 on record, and a fourth quarter (Q4) net profit of KD2 million ($7.
The company's reported net profits is considered a non-recurring gains after selling its African units, except Morocco and Sudan, to Bharti Airtel on June 8, 2010 with a total amount of KD2.