KD2Kininogen Domain 2
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Number of 3D elements KD1 8960 KD2 8122 KD3 8512 KD4 9880 KD5 10,100 KD6 9976 KD7 9260 KD8 9260 Flow channel 21,000
Only three transactions were recorded during the month, with one large property in Al-Jahra governorate costing KD2.
Jazeera Airways Group announced a net profit of KD2.
4 million ($16 million), the airline's best Q3 on record, and a fourth quarter (Q4) net profit of KD2 million ($7.
The ministry's development plan includes 200 projects worth KD6 billion, of which KD2 billion will be spent on power production projects.
Temperature, thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity and thermal diffusivity can all be measured quickly and easily using the Decagon KD2 thermal properties meter.
This will be brought about entirely from a projected 20% increase in oil income from last year's planned KD2.
Kuwait market capitalization reached KD32 billion by the end of March, adding KD2.
The company's reported net profits is considered a non-recurring gains after selling its African units, except Morocco and Sudan, to Bharti Airtel on June 8, 2010 with a total amount of KD2.
Another third went to Mubarak Al-Kabeer governorate, which saw three coastal residential transactions valued at KD2 million each.
Summary: Al Mazaya holding company has announced its annual financial results for the first half of 2013, with the company achieving a gross profit of KD2.