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KDDKnowledge Discovery and Data Mining (International Conference)
KDDKnowledge Discovery in Databases
KDDKokusai Denshin Denwa (Japan)
KDDKey Distribution Device
KDDKey Decision Document (project management)
KDDKuwait Danish Dairy Company
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Using the results of KDD that rely on data mining can help with very routine decisions almost anywhere in the enterprise.
Norton's article begins the issue by giving an overview of what KDD is and what problems researchers face in KDD applications.
Her earlier success at KDD was earned while she worked at IBM Research.
KDD regularly provided Chubun Sangyo with the names, addresses, phone numbers and other personal data of some 203,000 users of the service until the end of last year.
AT and T and BT have also been forging closer ties with KDD rival Japan Telecom Co.
The phrase "knowledge discovery in databases" is attributed to a 1989 workshop on KDD (Fayyad, 1996).
KDDI said it plans to pay a per-share dividend worth 25 yen, the same amount as in the first half of the last fiscal year, to holders of former KDD shares, which were exchanged for KDDI shares at the time of the merger.
The cable will provide the telecom carriers with an additional combined capacity of 80 gigabits per second, or the equivalent of 968,000 telephone lines, KDD said.
There will also be the presentation of awards of the KDD cup by Dr.
23 /PRNewswire/ -- Inductis, a global management consulting and analytics firm, won the best performance award in the KDD (Knowledge and Data Discovery) Cup, one of the world's most prestigious analytics competitions, outperforming 63 other teams both from academia and industry in terms of predictive accuracy.
DDI, KDD and IDO are merging to better compete with NTT.
TOKYO, March 8 Kyodo The KDD group has taken an equity stake in, and become the largest shareholder of, Prism Communications Co.