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KDEK Desktop Environment (Linux)
KDEKentucky Department of Education
KDEKool Desktop Environment
KDEKernel Density Estimation
KDEKelab Darul Ehsan
KDEKopernicus Desktop Environment
KDEIEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Database Engineering
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The KDE method is used for visualization of hotspots of air pollutions and asthma incidence in the case study.
With its KDE vision, KMS lighthouse has changed the way knowledge is perceived, and its role in customer care.
You'll have plenty of opportunities to customize the KDE interface; for example, you can use multiple desktops so that you can switch environments (including the background image and desktop icons) at the click of the mouse.
KDE recognizes the fact that a computing platform is only as good as the amount of first class applications available to the users of that particular platform.
At the global KDE conference, Rob Weir from IBM presented a proposal to create an OpenDocument Developer Kit (ODDK) including an ODF API that will expose a higher level abstraction of ODF for application developers.
I'm honored to be so closely aligned with the METCON and KDE team," said Mike Jacobs.
KDE instituted the Stilwell Award for those outstanding vendor and university partners who have helped KDE fulfill their mission to the students and citizens of the commonwealth.
29 /PRNewswire/ -- The KDE Project [1] is happy to announce a new major release of the award-winning [2] K Desktop Environment.
KDE (K Desktop Environment) is a free software project which aims to be a powerful system for an easy-to-use desktop environment.
Dutch wind developer KDE Energy is acquired by Wind power investment vehicle Yard Energy.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- The KDE Project, Trolltech and Linspire, Inc.
KDE used a toolkit from Troll Tech AS, which was not released as open source until December 1998.