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KDEK Desktop Environment (Linux)
KDEKentucky Department of Education
KDEKool Desktop Environment
KDEKernel Density Estimation
KDEKelab Darul Ehsan
KDEKopernicus Desktop Environment
KDEIEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Database Engineering
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Benefits of KDE and the need to increase CKD knowledge and awareness among individuals with CKD and the general public cannot be over emphasized.
GNOME es un entorno de manejador de archivos y en las aplicaciones necesarias para trabajar no cuenta con una suite de ofimatica propia, como KDE con su Koffice, pero se integra perfectamente Openoffice, con lo que eso queda solucionado.
You'll have plenty of opportunities to customize the KDE interface; for example, you can use multiple desktops so that you can switch environments (including the background image and desktop icons) at the click of the mouse.
KDE recognizes the fact that a computing platform is only as good as the amount of first class applications available to the users of that particular platform.
KWin, the window manager of KDE, has seen numerous improvements, and a major one is coming in the form of scriptability.
agregandole una licencia libre, con lo que quedo de la siguiente forma: KDE es libre y QT es para hacer proyectos libres y no tendremos necesidad de pagar nada.
Mike's highly regarded reputation as a quality provider of fire assay services and deep and longstanding relationships in the mineral processing industry will be an extremely valuable addition to the METCON, KDE and Jacobs group.
The KDE is currently seeking proposals to supply the following service: Investigative Services.
Corel says it will work with the KDE Project to enhance the graphical user interface for non-technical use.
We decided to add GPL v3 licensing after consulting with both KDE e.
The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is seeking information from all interested parties who wish to provide the delivery of the Kentucky Student Voice Survey instrument, administrative support, results and analysis to all schools and agents of KDE who deliver instruction by certified teachers and other professionals.
16 -- Plasma Active, the KDE project that aims to create an open source user environment for tablets and mobile devices has had its second release.