KDEFKnowsley Disability Employment Forum (UK)
KDEFKashmiri Displaced Employees Forum
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What happens if KDEF Approach gets the inevitable jet filed direct to KABC?
Depending on weather or other priority, KDEF could verbally coordinate on a case-by-case basis.
Take the previous example of propeller aircraft cleared from KDEF to KABC via an airway, a VOR, and then direct to KABC.
SEEKE Procedures: Jets filed KABC to KDEF must be routed via Center's Sector B airspace.
This subset of 264 original KDEF pictures were edited and cropped, using Adobe Photoshop CS2 (see Figure 1).
KDEF Expressions: Prototypicality and Intensity Scores KDEF Code Emotion Model's Number of Prototypicality Gender Raters Mean AF01ANS Angry Female 52 6.
Appendix 1 KDEF stimuli used in the experiments KDEF code (SI KDEF code (S2 S2 emotional Model sex neutral faces) expressive faces) expression BF22 AF22HAS Happy Female BM12 AM12HAS Happy Male AF25 AF25ANS Angry Female AM17 AM17ANS Angry Male Appendix 2 Ratings obtained in the pilot study: Means and Standard Deviations (in parentheses)* CATEGORY VALENCE RATINGS S1 S2 Neutral faces Expressive faces Friendly 4.
Eight models from the KDEF collection were selected according to the trustworthiness ratings obtained in Experiment 1.
The new stimuli were 16 female and 16 male faces from the KDEF collection, showing a neutral expression.