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KDFKraft Durch Freude (German: Strength Through Joy; Hitler's name for the original models of the Volkwagen Beetle in 1938)
KDFKentucky Derby Festival
KDFKey Derivation Function (cryptography)
KDFKinetic Degradation Fluxion
KDFKinko's Document Format
KDFKnocked Down Flat
KDFKentucky Division of Forestry
KDFKlingon Defense Force (Star Trek)
KDFKyakulumbye Development Foundation (Uganda)
KDFKunst des Fechtens (Medieval School of German Fencing)
KDFKnock Down Factor (material stress analysis)
KDFKit Definition File (Microsoft NT Embedded)
KDFKongelige Danske Fyrvæsen (Danish Lighthouse Authority/Lights and Buoys Service)
KDFKyrgyzstan Defense Force
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Sardar Aftab Khan Executive Director of KDF said "I am thrilled that we have been successful in our campaign and a number of local authorities are formally supporting the celebration of 'Kashmir National day'.
Al-Moosa told BNA that the role of the KDF comes to open new horizons and establish partnership with the private and public sector to develop African countries.
HR charakteristikai igavus dvizoni profili, sudaryta is KDF ir DDF, tolesnis vienos Vibe funkcijos taikymas lemia santykinai didele paklaida ir praktiskai tampa bevertis.
MIRPUR (AJK) -- Sixty days ahead of the General Elections 2015 in the United Kingdom a Britainbased Kashmiri Diaspora community development organization Kashmir Development Foundation (KDF) has launched a campaign to put the importance of early peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue on the agenda, says a press release issued by KDF here on Sunday.
KDF is very pleased to announce that TFR Technologies has joined our global customer base," said Kurt Flechsig, KDF president.
KDF today announced that a leading original health equipment manufacturer has purchased and accepted two KDF 744NT batch sputtering systems.
As announced in the Company's prior release of February 11, KDF is a recently consolidated energy company with operations in eastern Kentucky, consisting of a steam coal strip-mining company, Middle Fork Development Services, LLC ("MFDS"), and subsidiaries; a development stage coal-to-liquid company, MXP, LLC ("MXP"); and a coal feedstock impoundment, situated on 24.
KDF today announced that leading original health equipment manufacturers continue to purchase and accept the Company's 700 and 900 series batch sputtering systems for use in the manufacture of essential digital radiography diagnostic equipment and pacemaker components.
The customizable 904i system also supports a range of BMI's microelectronics manufacturing needs," said Kurt Flechsig, KDF president.
KDF today announced that Taiwan-based FuPo Electronics Corporation, a turnkey service provider for liquid crystal display (LCD) integrated circuit (IC) manufacturers, purchased KDF's 844NT batch sputtering system for use in high-volume wafer bumping production.
KDF today announced that the Flexible Display Center (FDC) at Arizona State University has purchased a KDF 744NT batch sputtering system for use in flexible display research.