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KDFKraft Durch Freude (German: Strength Through Joy; Hitler's name for the original models of the Volkwagen Beetle in 1938)
KDFKentucky Derby Festival
KDFKey Derivation Function (cryptography)
KDFKinetic Degradation Fluxion
KDFKinko's Document Format
KDFKnocked Down Flat
KDFKentucky Division of Forestry
KDFKlingon Defense Force (Star Trek)
KDFKyakulumbye Development Foundation (Uganda)
KDFKunst des Fechtens (Medieval School of German Fencing)
KDFKnock Down Factor (material stress analysis)
KDFKit Definition File (Microsoft NT Embedded)
KDFKongelige Danske Fyrvæsen (Danish Lighthouse Authority/Lights and Buoys Service)
KDFKyrgyzstan Defense Force
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It raised $140,000 to purchase four machines for KDF 15 years ago.
On the other hand, KDF as overall project manager (Honorio Bungay, contact: 0949-440387) must do the following:
Described as one of its kind in Kenya, the book "gives a unique, inside view of KDF and what they are capable of doing".
Functions available for each of the families of cryptographic algorithms Function Symmetric Asymmetric HASH Confidentiality YES YES -- Integrity YES -- YES Authenticity YES YES YES KDF -- -- YES RNG -- YES YES KD YES YES -- Source: (NIST, 2007).
Literaturde KH, KDF ve GIBg degerlerinin yas ve cinsiyetle degisiklik gostermedigi belirtilmistir.
And regarding African countries, the total number of projects funded by the KDF reached 263 projects at a total cost of KD 840.
Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Councillor Aftab Hussain, coordinator Kashmir National Day Flag hoisting ceremony at Rochdale Town Hall said "I am delighted to support and take up the request from KDF to hoist Kashmir Flag at Rochdale Town Hall.
Down in Seguin, Texas is an outfit called KDF Incorporated and has been recognized worldwide as the leader in high efficiency muzzle brake technology.
Summary: Layyoun and Abdel-Wahab Badr, the director-general of the Kuwait Development Fund, signed Thursday a $30 million deal as a gift from the KDF to build "a museum for the history and ruins of the city of Beirut.
During his meeting with Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Mohammed al-Sa'adi, KDF deputy director general Hisham al-Waqayan said that Kuwait would present all possible assistance to Yemen to implement the phased social and economic development program 2012 -- 2014.