KDFWRKentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
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Early in 2013, with approximately a third of the acreage officially acquired, KDFWR established, deer season guidelines for the WMA.
Carcass tags were also provided to employees of KDFWR working in the field to obtain river otter carcasses associated with incidental fur take, roadkill, or removal of nuisance river otters.
We suggest KDFWR consider a more conservative harvest level for the eastern watersheds until more accurate estimates of river otter population size and survival rates are obtained.
Tenders are invited for RFB-170-15 Ballard WMA Office, KDFWR, La Center, KY.
The Army and the KDFWR began making plans to conduct a herd reduction operation, but they didn't want to waste the deer.
The director of KHFH contacted the KDFWR, and the two groups discovered their respective projects were a perfect match.