KDHSKingsville District High School (Kingsville, Ontario, Canada)
KDHSKapuskasing District High School (Ontario, Canada)
KDHSKentucky Department of Health Services
KDHSKing David High School (Manchester, UK)
KDHSKenya Demographic and Health Survey
KDHSKununurra District High School (Australia)
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Yet, an analysis of 1998 KDHS results found that there was no association between receiving information from a health worker and condom use for men or women (Waithika and Bessinger 2001).
7 children per women in the late 1990s, and the contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) among married women increased from 7 to 39 percent (KDHS 1994; KDHS 1998).
In the 1998 KDHS only three per cent of young men aged 15-19 reported any STI in the 12 months preceding the survey while among girls in the same age, the figure was fewer than one per cent.
6 per cent of gifts aged 15-19 in the 1998 KDHS considered themselves at 'great risk' of AIDS.
Comparison of mortality rates recorded in 2003 KDHS with the earlier KDHS surveys shows an increase in both infant and under-five mortality rates from 1989 to 2003.