KDJKrankheit Der Jugend (German: Disease of Youth; band)
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Similarly, in the area of labor policy, KYS promised some expansions of labor rights--but stopped short of promising many of the key political freedoms to labor unions that KDJ pursued in his 1998 revision of labor laws in 1998--and also promised to establish a tripartite commission (labor-employers-government) to oversee labor relations (Kim 2002).
It is important to note that KYS would not have had a clear expectation that KDJ would be the next president at the time KAPA II was being drafted in late 1996 and early 1997.
But he could have realistically narrowed the options to either KDJ or some member of his own party.
And then after they passed what they called 'Yushin measures' (Yushin Constitution), KDJ went first to the United States and then to Japan and began to speak very critically of Yushin and of President Park,'' Gregg said.
and KDJ went to Japan and began to do the same things.
I think that LHR (Lee Hu Rak, the KCIA chief) more or less knew that President Park was angry at KDJ, and he took it upon himself,'' said Gregg.
Recently, KDJ was certified D&B D-U-N-S Registered business by Dun & Bradstreet International, Ltd.
NEW YORK -- KDJ Advertising, LLC has announced the addition of a public relations division to its existing range of advertising and marketing services.
The addition of KDJ Communications to our existing offering comes in response to strong interest expressed by existing and prospective clients, and makes us a truly integrated, one-stop resource for all marketing, advertising, PR and related communications services," said KDJ Advertising founder and president, Tom Score.
KDJ Communications will offer a full range of public relations and corporate communications services, including media relations and related training, branding, reputation and issues management, thought leadership and employee communications programs.
The reliability of the KDJS by internal consistency of the scales was assessed using Cronbach's a, and the test- retest reliability was assessed using the interclass correlation coefficient (ICC) in a sub-sample; 20 perfusionists who completed the KDJS on two separate occasions with a 3-week interval between the surveys.
The test-retest reliability was determined by comparing responses to the KDJS questionnaire among a sub-sample of the total participants (n=20) after administration on two separate occasions with a one-week interval.