KDJKrankheit Der Jugend (German: Disease of Youth; band)
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It is important to note that KYS would not have had a clear expectation that KDJ would be the next president at the time KAPA II was being drafted in late 1996 and early 1997.
But he could have realistically narrowed the options to either KDJ or some member of his own party.
Assuming a successor like KDJ who sought to more aggressively provide benefits to newly empowered constituencies--that is, a successor with an ideal point near P2--policy at the end of the second president's term will be at [X.
The sunset provision meant that KDJ (and other future presidents) would have to spend some resources renewing (or otherwise rewriting) existing regulations.
We can, however, examine some data on regulatory activity during both the KYS and KDJ administrations and ask whether the observed patterns are consistent with the model and our argument that KYS supported sunset to constrain future presidents.
This is consistent with Figure 4a, which depicts an increase in regulatory effort in these areas (the vertical dimension) by KDJ, leading policy to change from [X.
This is not consistent with conventional wisdom--why do we see so much dropping of regulations in areas like environment and labor, areas in which KDJ clearly favored more regulation?
I think that LHR (Lee Hu Rak, the KCIA chief) more or less knew that President Park was angry at KDJ, and he took it upon himself,'' said Gregg.
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