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KDPSKalamazoo Department of Public Safety (Michigan)
KDPSKanji Dictionary Publishing Society (Institute of Modern Culture at Showa Women's University; Tokyo, Japan)
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One of the main Kurdish players in Syria, the KDPS, with support from Massoud Barzani's KDP in Iraq, has been leading an effort to unify the political parties representing Syrian Kurds.
And although the KDPS remains the more powerful within the KNC, the PUK's support could eventually help the PDK play a stronger role in the conflict, especially if the international community pushes for negotiations with the Syrian regime as an alternative to confrontation.
Historically, Syrian Kurds have found inspiration elsewhere for their political movements; for instance, KDPS, the first Kurdish political party in Syria, founded in 1957, was galvanized by a Kurdish uprising in Iraq led by Mustafa Barzani, the founder of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Iraq.