KDSMKorea Defense Service Medal (US DoD)
KDSMKeratinizing Desquamative Squamous Metaplasia (genitourinary tract)
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The KDSM period of eligibility is July 28, 1954, to a future date to be determined by the Secretary of Defense.
Due to the extensive time period for KDSM eligibility, the nonconsecutive service period for eligibility remains cumulative throughout the entire period.
The KDSM may be awarded posthumously, and only one award of the KDSM is authorized for any individual.
KDSM FOX 17 is excited to extend the current half hour of local news coverage for our viewers to an hour-long newscast on weeknights," said Mike Wilson, General Manager for KDSM.
To the contrary, Mediacom simply represents one of several delivery methods for broadcast television stations like KDSM and KGAN.
Moreover, both DirecTV and the Dish Network, which are direct competitors to Mediacom (providing essentially the same service), continue to carry both KDSM and KGAN.
Today, we are calling on Sinclair to immediately allow Mediacom to resume carrying the KDSM signal in Des Moines market and the KGAN signal in Cedar Rapids until both sides have a chance to appear before the Government Oversight Committee and to resolve this dispute.