KEAPKernow Education Arts Partnership (Cornwall, UK)
KEAPKentucky Employee Assistance Program (Frankfort, KY)
KEAPKingston Entitlement Access Program (Canada)
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And now members of KEAP, which takes its name from the initials of its founder members, have captured on canvas their individual experiences of being part of the group and the work it does.
Having passed in ownership from the Church of England to Wansbeck District Council, it became the KEAP artists' studio until ownership was taken over by Northumberland County Council.
Liz Ritson, events and exhibitions officer at Woodhorn, said: "I am sure visitors will once again enjoy the collection prepared by KEAP.
In particular, the cross-regulations among NRF2, KEAP I, and NRF 1 under oxidative stress conditions have not been fully investigated.
Stable knockdown of NRF2 and KEAP 1 in HaCaT cells.
However, our immunoblots (Figure 1 D) using an antibody developed against a peptide mapped near the Nterminus of human KEAP1 revealed two bands with apparent MW between 68 arid 75 kDa KEAP1-KD dramatically diminished both bands, suggesting that both represent endogenous human KEAP 1.
The Cabinet's leadership claimed that KEAP would jeopardize their work participation rates and that it would be too expensive to administer.
By the end of January 1998 KEAP had been eliminated from HB 434, as a result of compromises.
Eva Hartley, member of of KEAP which derives its name from the initials of its founders, said they started out as a group of friends with the aim of "bringing art to the people of Newbiggin" and boosting its regeneration by laying on an artist trail of attractions to encourage visitors.
KEAP hit upon the idea of having an artist trail on realising visitors were coming to see Sean Henry's well-known sculpture Couple at Newbiggin Bay, then immediately leaving.
We have liaised with KEAP Creative to make sure that they are informed as part of the process, and we will continue to do so.
DISPUTE KEAP Creative, a local arts group based in Woodhorn Church